Why you should invest in content marketing

Why you should invest in content marketing

If you are still evaluating whether content marketing will be right for your business, here are a few reasons to help convince you.

Your competitors are probably already doing it

Even if you prefer not to follow the crowd, your business still needs to stay competitive. For example, recent research by the Content Marketing Institute found that 88% of North American B2B companies were using content marketing to develop their business. Even if your competitors are not already using content marketing to gain a competitive advantage, they probably soon will. The longer you delay, the longer it will take to catch up.

Benefit from targeted website traffic

Good content not only brings new organic traffic to your website—it tends to be good traffic too. You effectively attract many people with a potential need for your goods or services, and by providing useful content without being pushy, you create an element of trust that can lead to an eventual sale.

It fits in with your existing marketing

Rather than replacing your current marketing efforts, content marketing can complement them nicely. For example, if you promote heavily through social media, content marketing will give you a new pool of material to promote; material that people will actually be interested in. It can similarly help your search engine optimisation by featuring keywords in targeted content rather than disjoint articles.

Little to lose

Unlike with traditional advertising, which involves paying to promote your message with no guarantee of a result, content marketing has very low publishing costs. In addition, rather than recruiting your own writers, you can outsource your content needs to copywriting services and news content providers, so you will be able to scale your content as and when needed.

In short, content marketing is perhaps the last fertile land for marketing, and there’s very little risk, so why not just try it?

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