Why writing sales content is bad for your website

Why writing sales content is bad for your website

When you write content for your website, such as blog posts, articles and website content, the temptation is to use sales focused wording. As you’re talking about your own company, you’ll naturally want to sell your services, talk yourself up and make sure that your readers know how good you are.

However, this kind of web copy doesn’t work very well for website visitors, or for Google.

If your copy is overly gushy, using words like ‘best’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘excellent’ then your website’s visitors will be suspicious of your content. They won’t believe what you’re writing because the tone of your copy is too sales focussed.

For the same reason, Google will mistrust your copy as well. Google wants to see neutral styled content offering useful information. Google wants to see this because it’s exactly what Google’s end users want to see, your customers.

The golden rule with SEO and content is you should do what’s right for your users and it will also end up doing what right for Google. If you fill your website with sales content then you won’t achieve the rankings that you’re searching for and you won’t win any repeat visitors to your website.

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