Why was my article submission declined?

Why was my article submission declined?

Article submissions are a common way for webmasters and SEO companies to build links for websites. An article submission is an article or news story written about your industry. It has to be unique, and of course good quality. Once it has been written it can then be submitted to article submission websites and article directories. The article will then act as a link back to your website, improving your back links.

There are thousands of article submission websites, all with different rules regarding how articles should be formatted and submitted. This means it can be very time consuming actually finding which are the best websites and what rules you have to follow, never mind actually doing the submissions.

Some people like to do this themselves, but due to time constraints it’s often better to hire a professional content writing company to handle article submissions for you. If you do wish to handle it yourself, you’ll invariably find that a large portion of your articles are rejected from the article submission websites. Here are some of the main reasons that articles are rejected.

  1. Using article Spinners
    Article Spinners allow you to regurgitate the same article over and over again, or to reuse already existing articles. If these Article Spinners aren’t used properly then can leave telltale signs in the article, such as code in the middle of the article where words or greetings should have been changed.
  2. Incorrect formatting
    Some article submission websites are very specific on their formatting. They require line breaks between paragraphs, and titles to be title case – for example ‘Why Was My Article Submission Declined?
  3. Links!
    Article submissions aren’t much use without links, but if you’re adding links to the article body when the article directory site insists on links ONLY in the resource box, you could find your article refused. Some article submission sites also have a maximum limit on the number of links, and some even state that you can’t have links in the first three paragraphs. They are all different, and knowing the rules of all of them takes time.
  4. Spelling and grammar
    You would be amazed how many people write article submissions that are poor quality and expect them to be accepted. Article directories want good quality content, like any other websites, and badly written articles will be rejected.
  5. CAPS
    Writing anything in capitals is a bad idea on the Internet, and using caps in article submissions will ensure that your articles are declined.
  6. The wrong category
    It’s always important that you file your articles in the correct category. It’s better for your website from an SEO point of view as well, as it helps with relevance. Adding articles to random categories with see them declined.
  7. Failure to hit the minimum word count
    Many people who submit articles don’t pay attention to the minimum word count for article directory websites. Most websites have a minimum word count of 500 words, some are less. If your articles are not at least 500 words, NOT including titles, they will be declined because they are too short.

If your article submissions have made any of these mistakes, this could be why they are being declined and your articles are being wasted.

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