Why social media is important to your SEO

Why social media is important to your SEO

SEO experts talk an awful lot about social media. Lots of businesses have boarded the runaway train that is social media, believing that it will ultimately bring hoards of new traffic to their site. Some of those businesses have experienced unbelievable success; however, some of them have experienced great disappointment.

Despite what enthusiasts say, there is no guarantee that a social media campaign is going to be of great benefit to your website’s search engine optimisation strategy. If you pick the wrong social media site, if you pick the wrong group, even if you pick the wrong time to make your posts, your plan is in danger of failing. Social media is a tricky area and even those who have studied it from the very beginning can have trouble staying ahead of it.

If social media is so hard to get into, you may ask, why is it so attractive to SEO experts? The various social media sites around the net are tempting to SEO pros because of two reasons:

  1. They provide access to specific groups of internet users, meaning that a business can talk to its target users all in one place.
  2. Social media sites also present some very tempting opportunities to seed links, assisting a website’s off-page SEO campaign.

Is social media worth all the worry?

Well, at the moment, Facebook is topping Google in terms of traffic. Smart site owners are looking to social media as not just an SEO resource, but as a traffic source. Think about it – there are a lot of potential customers all using Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. How can you grab their attention?

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