Why must I fill my site with rubbish content

Why must I fill my site with rubbish content

Once or twice this week, I have spoken to potential clients and business partners who, upon hearing the word ‘content’, seemed to recoil at the idea, which rather puzzled our team.

It turns out that these people had already been speaking to several search engine optimisation companies about their SEO for their websites and had already been told they needed content, however, what these other companies have shown them did not appeal to these clients and they felt that content was simply drivel and a way of increasing the number of pages on a website and highlighting their keywords, albeit they did know not to cram the keywords into every sentence!

The simple answer to this question is that you don’t!  There is no need to fill a website with rubbish content that is purely repetitive drivel.  However, in order to keep the content fresh and interesting, the client does need to be a little flexible in what they will publish on their site.

It is impossible to get all the benefits of content without publishing repetitive drivel and blatant rubbish if the website owner is determined to only talk about their own products and their own news.  To become an authority website, your content needs to be useful to everyone looking at your industry.

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