Why Katie Perry spells trouble in SEO

Why Katie Perry spells trouble in SEO

Katy_PerryYou would think for your SEO targets that you would want something as attractive and popular as Katie Perry. She has mass appeal, and people are constantly talking about her. If she was on your list of keywords, you would imagine that your search engine optimisation work would be a breeze, right?

Wrong. Obviously it’s a trick question. When it comes to your SEO strategy, you’re probably better off with the keyword equivalent of Little Boots, someone whom a much smaller section of the market has heard about. In comparison to Katie Perry, Victoria Hesketh, better known as Little Boots, might not have as big an audience, but this is actually an advantage in SEO. When you’re talking about a keyword that’s a superstar, your competition level may be way out of hand.

When it comes to your keyword selection, it’s important to know what kind of competition level you can handle. If you’re operating a huge business and have significant web presence, then perhaps you can handle a bit of Katie Perry. For the average site owner just looking into SEO work for the first time, a keyword at the level of that particular pop diva is probably as out of reach as buying Cheshire.

Lots of businesses have their SEO plans fail because of too much ambition. In search engine optimisation, self-knowledge is a useful thing, and this particularly applies to finding your level. Don’t be afraid to start small. You can always work your way up to superstar level.

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