Why is your article Title so important?

Why is your article Title so important?

What’s in a name, as the saying goes? The name of an article is everything as it happens, because the title of the article is one of the most important features for SEO, and your title will be what gets you noticed in the SERPs.

For example, if you title your article ‘My Favourite DVDs’ you’re not really going to get anyone searching for that. Even if it did rank within Google, the title doesn’t entice anyone to click on it. A better idea for a title on an article such as that would be ‘The Greatest DVD Releases of All Time’.

That’s better. It suggests strong opinion, and is more likely to get someone to search for it. But how about making it more targeted, more specific? You could change it to: ‘The 10 Greatest DVD Releases of All Time’ as lists are very popular online, however that’s still too general.

An even better idea would be ‘The 10 Greatest Horror DVD Releases of All Time’. Now we’re talking. It’s specific, it’s enticing and it’ll get people searching for it. The more descriptive and specific you are with your title, the better it will rank for long tail searches within Google.

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