Why is online marketing like going to the gym?

Posted on June 22, 2015


I know that it may seem strange to describe internet marketing as like a work out session, but humour me.

When you embark on an online marketing programme, you will want results straight away, which is very similar to when people start going the gym. In both cases, when nothing happens very quickly, you can get despondent and assume that it’s not working when in actuality, it is. Often, it just takes a little time and perseverance to see results.

The sad reality is, however, that those who do stop usually do so just before they would have began to see the results. Meanwhile, those that persevered will get the effects they wanted, and those that didn’t assume that those who did succeeded because that had some secret knowledge.

In both fields, there are delayed benefits and repercussions to many of the actions you take, so you just need to be patient.

Conversely, there are also things that will show positive or negative results faster, and in online marketing this is called ‘Black Hat SEO’. These are techniques that are either against Google’s guidelines or unethical, which may show great results quickly, but you really shouldn’t do them and they will undoubtedly come back to haunt you further down the line. In the gym world, the counterpart would be steroids, with a choice having to be made between what is right and what is easy.

When embarking on either task, it’s going to be far more effective if you get a professional to help, either from a quality digital marketing company or a personal trainer. Again, in both cases, doing it wrong in a serious way could inflict permanent damage, which could completely ruin your chances for anything in the future.

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