Why is it important to vary your content?

Why is it important to vary your content?

One question that people often ask with regards to their content is why they can’t just promote their own products and their own services. If they have a service or a specific product, they want to write about, feature content about that on their site.

Relevance is important, it’s true. You need to feature content that is relevant to your website and your business, but if you just write about the same thing every day you’ll suffer in the long run. The problem is, by writing about your service, and just your service, using your keywords each time, you won’t be increasing your chances of receiving any longtail search traffic. Opening up your website to the chances of receiving more traffic is the essence of what content is about, for this reason you need to vary your content.

This doesn’t mean you should write about things that are unrelated to your site, instead you should broaden the topics that you write about so that customers who are interested in your services are more likely to find you.

The short answer is that if you offer interesting content that people would actually want to read, you’ll get more traffic.

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