Why guest posts are good for SEO

Why guest posts are good for SEO

Before we talk about why guest posts are good for SEO, what exactly is a guest post? A guest post is a post written for a blog by someone who does not normally write for that blog or website. The guest poster is often someone who runs their own website so has their own fans, or followers, who will visit the website to see what they have to say, generating new traffic for the website and opening it up to a new audience.

Guest posts are very popular on larger blogs that have a strong following and are often seen when the main blog writer is on holiday. Blogs such as ShoeMoney and John Chow frequently feature guest posts when the owners of the website, Jeremy Schoemaker and Chow himself, are off at their many expos, conventions and eateries (in the case of Chow).

Why guest posts work for the blog owner.

  • A guest post is free content provided by some else, usually very well written and informative
  • A guest post is written by someone with their own following, which creates new visitors for your website
  • A guest post generates links to your website from the poster’s website and from related websites that comment on the post
  • Google News likes to see multiple authors on websites, so a frequent guest post provides this

The main benefit of guests posts works like a TV or comic crossover, such as when Batman met Judge Dredd or when Transformers met Action Force. The two fandoms come together to see the crossover, making for a larger joint audience. With a guest post, you get the two website’s followers coming together to see how the collaboration works, generating more interest for both parties involved.

  • I agree with this. Guest posts are very good for SEO. I think there are two very important things you will get from Guest Posts and they are equally important. You will get the following of another audience as well as the links that come with that.

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