Why does my competitor’s flash site rank above mine?

Why does my competitor’s flash site rank above mine?

You probably know that Flash is poor for SEO. A website built entirely in Flash has just one page indexible by the search engines, and that page is usually devoid of text. Despite this being relatively common knowledge, many designers still insist on building their clients’ websites in Flash and then wonder why they don’t receive any traffic.

Yet some Flash websites do receive traffic, some in fact rank very well in the SERPs, above many better SEO’d websites. Why is that? Why, if Flash is so bad for SEO, do some websites seem to rank well despite being made entirely in Flash?

The answer lies in the marketing budget. There are literally millions of factors in SEO, but without question the two biggest factors are content and links. If you have both in abundance your website will rank well within in the SERPs for whatever your website has been optimised for, but where content is free, links can be expensive if you’re just starting out.

Flash websites naturally tend to be devoid of content, so to compensate they have to increase their links, which often results in purchasing links from suppliers. If you have a Flash website and you want it to rank well within the SERPs, but you don’t want to compromise your Flash site by adding a HTML alternative, be prepared to spend a lot of money on links.

A lot of money.

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