Why does content work for SEO?

    Posted on April 24, 2009


    Any people are adding more and more content to their websites these days; it’s the new ‘fad’ within SEO and Internet Marketing. Results show that it works too, as sites with high quality content added regularly tend to rank above static websites for competitive terms.

    But why does it work? Why does adding content to websites work for SEO?

    The answer lies with Google and what Google tries to do. Google is a search engine, first and foremost. It doesn’t try to be a portal like Yahoo and MSN. It offers results, results to people’s search queries. Therefore you know that when you ‘Google’ something, you’ll find it – ‘to Google’ has become a word.

    You don’t ‘Yahoo’ anything do you?

    Google has become this successful because it works. If it didn’t work, people would use another search engine. Google finds websites that are resources of information and presents them as results to a user’s query, as the information contained on the websites tends to answer the questions being asked.

    Does your website have the answers to questions within your industry? Is it a resource of information? If not, how can you expect Google to rank your website over one that is?

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