Why cutting SEO copywriting is a false economy

Why cutting SEO copywriting is a false economy

In these financially straightened times, business managers have to make tough decisions about services and staff. Often, one of the first things to be reduced is outsourced services, the thinking being that it will be cheaper to produce this in-house. Depending upon the service, this may be a good move and a chance to re-assess priorities and methods of operation. Sometimes cutting an outsourced service is a false economy, for example, that of content writing for the business website. When times are hard it is essential that businesses promote themselves effectively in the market place to gain increased custom. The effective use of content writing to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) is worth its weight in gold. The aim of SEO is to improve a web site’s ranking on search engine pages. Few people look at more than two or three pages of results when they make a search; therefore it is imperative that your site features as high as possible. The way to achieve this is to employ professional SEO writers who are experts in producing relevant copy to a deadline. Search engines like Google have sophisticated systems that can spot articles artificially stuffed with keywords, and rejects them. Also, this kind of blog or article does not read well and customers will not linger over them and a business opportunity will be lost.

Outsourcing content writing to a reputable article submission agency, exclusively employing native English speaking professional content writers, makes sound business sense.

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