Why content works for Internet marketing and SEO

Why content works for Internet marketing and SEO

You may be wondering just why content works for SEO. Why does updating your website regularly with relevant content help your website to get indexed by Google more frequently and to rank higher within the search results pages?

To answer that question, put yourself in Google’s shoes. You want as many people as possible to use you to perform a search, because you have sponsored advertising on your pages and every time someone clicks on those ads you make money. Therefore the more searches people make, the more money you’ll make.

So, to make sure that more people use you for searches you’ll need to give them what they’re looking for, or they’ll go elsewhere, like Yahoo or MSN. If they’re looking for information on something, as most searches on the Internet are, you’ll want to give them a website that answers their query, one that has the info they’re looking for.

So, do you show them a website with just three pages that hasn’t been updated in two years, but has the keywords they’ve used in the search query liberally throughout the page, or do you show them a site that is updated every day with information in and around their search query?

The answer is obvious. By updating your site with content you’re making it exactly what Google wants to see.

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