Why content and SEO is the best form of marketing

Why content and SEO is the best form of marketing

As the country, and indeed the world, is in the grip of recession, marketing budgets are being cut back in businesses everywhere. However, the more you cut back on marketing, the less your business is likely to grow. This is why SEO is a boom industry in the recession. SEO has a very high return on investment for businesses because it’s a relatively low spend in relation to the returns.

When a website is SEOd perfectly it can rank above its competitors in the natural search listings, which is where the majority of Internet users look when they are looking for businesses and products. In contrast, the paid listings (PPC) are getting fewer clicks as web users become more web savvy.

This is where content really comes in because writing good quality content on your website is the cheapest form of SEO. By adding your own keyword rich articles you’re able to perform your own marketing, which helps your natural search rankings, for the cost of just a few moments of your time each day.

There are few forms of marketing that could cost so little and offer so much.

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