Who’s got their Facebook username?

Who’s got their Facebook username?

Hands up those who woke up at 5:00am this morning to secure their own name as a Facebook username.

No, we didn’t either. But we did manage to get ours when we eventually logged on at a more civilised hour. This now means that people can start SEO their own names, promote themselves and gain exposure online using Facebook in a way that they couldn’t before.

Of course URLs of this type have been available on MySpace from day one, so only now is Facebook catching up with the needs of the public for ‘vanity URLs’, as they’re calling it.

The usernames for Facebook fan pages wasn’t quite the success we were hoping for though as to qualify pages had to have existed before the end of May this year and must have over 1,000 fans. This has left a great many people disappointed, but Facebook say they’ll open it up to more pages soon.

If you haven’t selected your URL on Facebook yet, do so now.

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