Whois in your neighbourhood?

Posted on May 18, 2013


One of the newest SEO tools we have unveiled is the Website location checker. This wonderful little function will not only tell you where in the world your website is hosted, but also who may be your ‘neighbours’ on that server. A lot of hosting companies use shared servers, which means a plethora of websites can be hosted on the same server with the same IP address.

Why should I care?

As with a house, a neighbourhood can have quite a large impact on the value of the property. The same applies to domain names and servers; if there is a site of ill repute or questionable content hosted on the same server as your website, this can have a negative impact on your SEO performance. This is especially true if the sites are of an adult nature, or are written in such a way that they put a strain on the servers resources. Imagine a strip club moves into your street and begins to use all of the electricity and water, leaving your home to run on less. This is going to affect the value of your property severely, and the same is true for websites.

What can I do?

Take a look at the kind of neighbourhood your website is in. If you don’t like the look of your neighbours then speak to us here at EngageWeb – we can arrange to have your website homed in a neighbourhood that isn’t harming your SEO score.

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