Who cares about web content?

Who cares about web content?

There are a lot of sites hanging around on the Web that, on close inspection, seem curiously empty. The content makes sense, it is not offensive or riddled with mistakes, but somehow there is an aura of blandness. After leaving the site, one might ask: what was the point of including those words? Maybe content writers were not employed but the site’s owners decided to ‘fill in space’ because they felt it was required. Although they may have included the correct keywords for SEO, on arriving at those pages visitors find it hard to care about any of the content and quickly leave.

People will take heed if what they find on a page is useful and if it is actually about something. It can be hard going reading content that is no more than an assemblage of jargon and industry buzzwords, ultimately saying nothing. If the writer cares, it makes all the difference. Content needs to appeal to emotions, strike chords and tell stories. It is also important to have correct spelling, reasonable punctuation and a knowledge of grammar, but in themselves these are not enough to hold a reader’s gaze when the myriad clamouring pages of the Web are vying for attention.

How do you achieve a site with content that leaves visitors feeling happy that they discovered it? In the UK copywriting services are offered by a variety of companies, and it can be a worthwhile investment employing professionals to take care of what is a vital, though often overlooked, aspect of a successful website.

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