Where does your website’s content come from?

Where does your website’s content come from?

If you’re paying to have content written for your website, have you ever wondered where that content comes from? The reason being is that many websites have content added to them regularly that isn’t written in the same country as the website’s business.

This shouldn’t really matter of course as the Internet is a global phenomenon, so wherever someone is they’re able to write content for clients. However, the language used on website content is important.

For example, Google News has very strict requirements on the level of quality that it allows. Therefore if your content is full of grammatical errors, incorrect meanings and repetitive clichés in the articles, you won’t be accepted as a contributor.

But your website content comes from an English supplier, doesn’t it?

You may be paying an English supplier, but is your English supplier using writers based in the UK, or are they using cheaper writers from further afield? It’s your website, you need to be happy with your content.

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