Where do new Search engines come into play with Content?

Posted on August 8, 2008


With new search engines cropping up, such as the much publicised Cuil, you may wonder what this means for your website? Do you need to do anything different to cater to them, should you optimise in a different way, will they send you more traffic than Google?

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to consider new search engines such as Cuil, because the essence of a successful search engine is the search engine that gives users the most relevant results to their queries, that’s why Google has become so successful in the first place.

Where MSN went round offering ‘cashback’ incentives recently for using its search, Yahoo became a portal site with news and features, Ask asked the question ‘can your search engine do this?’ and proceeded to bombard you with graphics, images and Ajax features; Google meanwhile just gave you what you were looking for!

That’s the key to search. The most successful search engine is where it is today because it offers the most relevant results to search queries. You don’t look for information on the Internet, you Google information.

Therefore when looking at how to improve your website and get more traffic from search engines, give the search engine that matters what it wants to see… content. New, fresh, unique content.

Forget Cuil, we already have.

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