Where can I learn to SEO my own website?

Where can I learn to SEO my own website?

Here at StuckOn.co.uk we don’t like to keep SEO practices from you and many people often want to know how they can SEO their own websites. SEO isn’t some dark art, the formulas for which kept locked away in a chest in the dungeons of a castle, it’s a collection of information derived from leading experts, trial and error and lots of experience.

If you have a genuine interest in SEO then there are some websites that you can look at for help and guidance, though of course you need to be wary of what you are reading because the Internet is filled with people offering advice, some of whom have very little experience themselves.

So where can you go for SEO information, guidance and tips? One website you can use is the search engine optimisation forum SEOchat.com. This forum contains some valuable pieces of SEO information, but it also contains a lot of newcomers to SEO so make sure you check any ‘facts’ you are offered before implementing them on your own website.

A more reliable source of SEO information is the website seomoz.org, which features a daily blog on SEO news and advice. This website isn’t really for beginners though and an understanding of SEO is required to make use of the information offered here.

Aaron Wall is one of the leading SEO experts and his website SEObook.com is another useful resource for SEO facts and advice. Just like seomoz.org, Aaron’s website relies on the user having a basic knowledge already so is not for the newcomer.

There are countless other websites offering advice, tips, discussion and paid services but as with anything, you need to dissect the fiction from the fact, otherwise you could be making some grave SEO errors on your own website following advice that you believe to be genuine.

The safest way to avoid SEO mistakes is to hire a professional to do your SEO for you.

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