When Twitter just reveals a twit

When Twitter just reveals a twit

I have some advice to all the birds out there. You know in the mornings, when you wake up at dawn and decide it’s a really good idea to start yelling at the sparrow just a couple of branches over, and he yells back, and then your cousin joins in, and before you know it the whole tree is singing? Well, it’s really, really annoying.

Let me elucidate this with a comparison. In the human world, we have this thing called Twitter. (Yeah, I know, crazy coincidence.) Lately, a lot of businesses have decided that one of the things they should do to help their online marketing is to make announcements on Twitter. It can be a really good idea for their site’s search engine optimisation, helping them get their message out there, kind of like when you birds sit on a lonely twig and sing so sweetly to each other.

birds singing
Birds Tweeting outside my window

The thing is, because everyone else on Twitter is posting constantly, lots of businesses end up posting just anything in order to make themselves heard. They get in a panic and post random thoughts, bad jokes and generally anything that comes to mind – just like if you just sat there on your twig singing random snatches of Gilbert and Sullivan. You’d look deranged, as they do. This can harm the business and ends up putting people off rather than seeding links for SEO. What’s more, these businesses just add to the cacophony, with their Tweets blending in with everyone else’s, so their hard work is wasted.

Anyway, stick this all together and you’ve got you and your cousins in the tree outside my window at dawn making an awful din that serves no other purpose than to annoy me. Tweeting without thought just harms your cause. Just putting it out there.

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