When is the best time to add content to your website?

When is the best time to add content to your website?

When you use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, you have the capacity to schedule your posts in advance for days, weeks or even months in future. You can select what days your content goes live, and indeed what time of day it goes live. However, does this matter? Does it really matter what time of day your posts are added, or indeed what day they are updated?

Think of it this way, when will your website’s visitors, your customers, most likely be reading your website, or most likely be searching for the info that you add? If you’re a B2B business, then your website traffic will most likely come on weekdays, so if you only add two or three posts per week there’s little point adding them on weekends.

If your website is aimed at school kids or students, then Saturday posts could be more practical. If your website is a football website, then weekend posts are essential.

Different types posts should even be added on different days. For example, whatever your style of website or target audience, people at work are more likely to spend longer reading a website on a Friday than they are on a Monday. Therefore you should write your best material, your link bait articles, to be posted on Fridays.

But what of time of day? Naturally if your website is most likely to be read by office workers, you’ll want your posts added before people start work in the mornings so they can read them with their morning coffee. Setting your posts live around 7:30-8:30am is ideal.

Putting your posts live at 7:30pm won’t do you much use as most of your website’s visitors will have already been on your site and will now be at home with their families.

Time is of the essence, and timing is everything.

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