When CEOs take the Spock approach to content

    Posted on March 28, 2011


    Having your CEO make regular entries on your business blog can be an excellent idea. The trouble creeps in when CEOs have been immersed in business communications for too long. Quite frankly, they end up sounding like Mr Spock.

    No one could forget the peculiar pattern of speech of Mr Spock, Captain James T. Kirk’s first officer on the classic series of Star Trek. Even those who have never seen the show know that Mr. Spock always stuck to logic. He was, in fact, all business, and this made his way of speaking sound unnatural.

    The same thing happens all too often when CEOs make blog entries. Blogs are usually casual, and for a reason. When you’re using your blog as part of your SEO plan, it serves to supply fresh content and to boost user loyalty. A blog that reads like a business report won’t achieve the latter, so most search engine optimisation companies recommend that you take a casual tone.

    How do you get around this? It’s likely that anyone telling a CEO that they sounded like Mr Spock would end up working at a dodgy cafe in Merseyside. It’s more about educating your CEO on what their blog entry should achieve, and giving them a starting-off point. Instead of presenting your website’s business blog from a business angle, discuss it as a marketing move. Highlighting the friendly and casual tone taken in other blogs will also help your cause, as it will give your CEO an example to work from.

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