When an SEO relationship goes wrong

When an SEO relationship goes wrong

The relationship between an SEO company and a website is personal and intense, much like a love affair. As with love affairs, sometimes they go wrong. When they do, it can be hard for the wronged party to get rid of all memories of the other. Also like a love story, the wronged party is naturally reluctant to go over painful ground, more inclined to leave things be.

If your site has had a bad relationship with search engine optimisation, it’s best not to just leave things be. Much as a friend would after a bad break-up, it’s important to get your site together and back on its feet.

The Break Up

This may seem a stretch of a metaphor, but all sorts of things can go wrong when SEO ends badly through using a less than reputable company. A less-than-happy breakup between an SEO company and a website happens with a fair amount of frequency. Slightly less frequent is the discovery of unpleasant surprises left behind by the optimisation firm for the unwary site owner to find once their rankings go down.

Although such bad behaviour doesn’t happen too often, it is important to check over your site when you’ve just had an ill-fated handover. Sites have had their rankings dragged down by nasty surprises in code, bad links and the removal of proprietary SEO materials. A thorough check of all code and an inspection of your link profile is the least you should do for protection.

Even websites get disappointed in relationships. Do your best to help yours over it.

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