What’s the purpose of Link Bait?

What’s the purpose of Link Bait?

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘link bait’, here’s a quick rundown. Link bait is when you create something on your website that courts links from other websites and website users. The content on your website is either very helpful, interesting, funny or controversial, to such an extent that when people access your content they feel they want to share it with others.

The content is so good that other websites link to it, giving you free links.

However, some website owners may argue that there’s not much point having links to your website, and traffic coming in, when the link bait they’re coming in on isn’t that relevant to your services, and isn’t generating conversions.

This is a false claim though. Any page of your website that attracts links, whether it leads to conversions or not, is doing your website good. The more sites that link to yours, the better your website will perform in search engines.

Therefore, link bait is great for your website, even if you’re not getting any conversions directly from the traffic it’s generating.

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