What’s the new unbiased search engine Freespoke?

What’s the new unbiased search engine Freespoke?

There’s a new search engine in town set to challenge the likes of Google, and it has some serious selling points – privacy and providing unbiased information to its users.

Called Freespoke.com, the search engine uses the slogan “See Clearly. Search Clearly.” Essentially, in addition to not tracking its users and not selling their data, the search engine provides its searchers with news stories and results from various different viewpoints.

This is certainly an interesting prospect. News stories are never removed or suppressed from the search engine – instead, they’re labelled to indicate any potential bias, each receiving a “RIGHT”, “LEFT” or “MIDDLE” label. This allows users to take any article they choose to reach with a pinch of caution, as they’ll know from the outset of any potential political bias.

These labels are clearly signalled. For example, when doing a news search for the term “conservative party election”, the following results came up, with the bias of each indicated in the bottom left-hand corner of the result:

The co-founder and CEO of Freespoke, Todd Ricketts, told PR Newswire that the search engine has a commitment to serving its users with the latest results and stories without any censorship or bias. He added that:

“Our users are seeking truth and access to all the information out there. They want to think and decide for themselves, and want the facts, even unpopular ones. They value the right to think freely for themselves. Freespoke allows just that.”

Indeed, this is reflected in the term coined for the search engine’s users – “Freefolk”.

Freespoke is available both on the web and in app format, with the latter having launched near the end of May and being available on both Android and Apple devices.

This new search engine certainly has potential, not just hitting the growing concern of internet privacy, but also allowing people to make informed choices on the content they consume. While Google remains firmly at the top of the search engine food chain for now, Freespoke is in its early days and could well rise to become a key player.

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