What’s LinkedIn new conversational ad feature all about?

Posted on March 23, 2020


Business platform LinkedIn is in the process of launching a new type of ad that would allow messages to be sent, delivering a more customised experience for its users.

LinkedIn made the announcement last week via a blog post. The new conversation ads are being built off its current message ads and have been designed to be more personal to each recipient, with the hope of making them more engaging.

Businesses will be able to use conversation ads to build an advertising campaign with multiple conversion paths that lead to a number of calls-to-action. These will let users create a full-funnel campaign that leads recipients to several personalised action calls, whether this is finding out more about a product/service, signing up to a webinar, downloading an eBook or simply calling a business contact up.

Any content served up through these conversation ads can be customised according to where the prospective client is in terms of the conversion funnel. LinkedIn highlights that a business can expect higher-quality engagements from its prospects as a result of serving them with more interesting ad content.

In its blog post, LinkedIn explains that these ads have been made to help customers instantly access the offers and content that appeal to them most, which will drive a higher quality of engagements for the user.

The conversation ads will be served to prospective customers when they are most receptive to them. LinkedIn explains that these ads can only be delivered to the prospect when they are active on the platform and ‘in the right mindset’.

Conversation ads are able to be used with existing features on LinkedIn like Conversion Tracking and Lead Gen Forms. They are being rolled out over the next couple of weeks as a beta test to advertisers across all languages.

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