What videos should you post on your website?

What videos should you post on your website?

Video is a great medium for companies to showcase their brands. Whether it be for revealing the latest products or to provide an introduction to the company, video can play a key role in making a lasting impact on the web.

It should come as no surprise that short videos do the best on websites. It’s been found that two-thirds of visitors prefer videos that last under a minute. The easier a video is to watch, the more people are going to watch until the end. However, each website is different – they serve different purposes and attract different audiences. Nevertheless, there are some standard categories where video has been proven as a great medium. Here are some ideas for videos for your website:


Do you have any customers who would be willing to show their faces and speak about how fantastic your company is? Are there case studies that could be discussed on camera to help generate trust and appeal to the type of visitor your site attracts? If so, recording a video may be a great solution. Displaying the problems your company solves and the lasting business relationships you have with other companies, for example, boosts trust in your brand and its solutions products or services.

Tell your story

Putting real, relatable people on your website helps to build a personal connection with visitors. A video is a perfect way to tell the story of your business and show the online world who the people are that make your company what it is. In videos like this, you should prepare a structure centred around the objective of the video – telling visitors who your company is and the story of how you came to be. Remember that the shorter and more digestible a video is, the better it will perform.

Product demos and reveals

Videos, of course, can be used to help sell products. In exciting product reveals, you want to capture it all on camera. This content can then be uploaded to your website to generate excitement for a product launch or to show what benefits your company’s products provide. Product demo videos can be added to product pages to sway on-the-fence customers to make a purchase. To spread the word, you can also promote these on your social media channels.

With the right equipment and careful planning, videos can breathe life into websites. At Engage Web, we advise that video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo are used for hosting to minimise the impact on website performance. With regular uploads, you could even branch out and use video for addressing FAQs, for example. If you’d like to chat about how video can help your business, or would like to learn how to reach more people online using video, get in touch with our team today.

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