What types of SSL certificate are available for your website?

What types of SSL certificate are available for your website?

There are four different types of SSL certificate a website can use, but what type does your business need?

What is SSL?

Let’s first clear up that SSL is an initialism standing for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate protects your users’ information when it’s being sent over the web to the server on which it will be received.

What are the different types of SSL certificate?

You can choose any one of these four SSL certificates in order to make sure that your websites users’ data is protected when being sent over the web:

1. Domain validated SSL

The domain validated (DV) SSL certificate proves that the certificate requester either owns or controls the domain name used for the website. This is the lowest level SSL certificate available.

A DV certificate is a good choice if your website doesn’t deal with sensitive information, user logins or other related data.

2. Organisation validated SSL

An organisation validated SSL requires the person who has requested the SSL to be verified before they can get this type of certificate. The certificate authority will get in touch with the requester to verify that they own or control the domain name associated with the certificate.

3. Extended validation SSL

An extended validation SSL can be costly, depending on what type of features are used. For this SSL certificate, you will need to discuss your requirements with a trusted security auditor who can help guide you through the process and provide recommendations.

This certificate is the best if your website has an account area or logins, is an e-commerce site or if it processes highly sensitive data.

4. Wildcard SSL

Finally, wildcard SSL certificates are used if your website has multiple subdomains and covers a single domain name. These extend domain validated SSL certificates by offering domain validation for any subdomains you have on your website, such as “mail.yourdomain.com”.

At Engage Web, all our website clients receive a free SSL certificate to make sure that their website isn’t flagged as being unsecure on internet browsers. To find out more about our web design and development services, have a chat with our friendly team.

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