What to look for in outsourced content

Posted on October 16, 2010


The business of search engine optimisation (SEO) is fiercely competitive with developments occurring all the time. For the hard-pressed SEO working to a client deadline, the option of outsourcing content to a white label company is a real advantage.

It is a simple business transaction that benefits all. White label content services do all the hard work, usually supplying a package of monthly articles geared towards a specific brief, or set of briefs. These articles can then be used by the SEO company for their own clients, branded is their own service

The term “white label” derives from the music business of the 1960s where it was common practice for DJs to remove record labels from vinyl discs and replace them with an unbranded white label so that rival DJs would not know who had produced the track.

Choosing the right white label content service can be a problem as many of these services are provided by companies who outsource the work to non-native English speakers. The content is then edited to filter out errors but often leaves stilted articles that sometimes do not make sense. It is easy to spot these low-quality companies as they often feature basic grammatical errors in their own article content.

Reputable and experienced article writing services always employ native English speakers because their work is reliable and requires a minimum of editing. White label content only works if the original product is of a high calibre and hits all the right notes.

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