What the £3 million Boscombe surf reef tells us about improving a website

What the £3 million Boscombe surf reef tells us about improving a website

In an effort to regenerate the run-down seaside town, an artificial surf reef was commissioned from the New Zealand firm of ASR Ltd. Yet controversy has surrounded the artificial surf reef in Boscombe, Dorset, since its inception and the ensuring discussion highlights a few points about considering different viewpoints when making a decision, even about your own website.

The reef opened a year ago after delays and costing twice the original estimate. Almost immediately criticism surfaced claiming that the reef produces the “wrong sort of wave.” The council has withheld the final payment of £150,000 until the company remedies the alleged fault but the company is in negotiations with the council to install more sandbags to ensure longer waves.

In other news, some safety concerns have been expressed, but the RNLI is happy with safety issues and has been pointed out that surfing is an inherently hazardous sport. Surfers have not expressed any safety issues, with many pointing out that the waves have definitely improved but that this is not always easy to judge from the shore. It appears that a lot of the negatively expressed opinions are from non-surfers and according to shoreline businesses, the reef has attracted more tourists since its opening a year ago.

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