What should I write about?

What should I write about?

The internet allows companies to interact with their customers in ways we never before thought possible.  That means video, images, articles delivered through RSS feeds or email, interactive or informative tools on your website and a whole host of other methods.  Regular content is just one great way to keep users coming back and attract the prospective buyer for your product or service.

Once you know this, you just need to get writing.  It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare or grammatically perfect, but it does have to be relevant, interesting and regular.

It is easy when you first start but it won’t take long, no matter how well you know your topic, for you to hit that writer’s block.

When you do, you might want to outsource it, but you could also consider the following:

  • Educate your consumer about your products and services – but do without explicitly advertising yourself
  • Give them solutions to their problems
  • Inform them about best practices in your industry and what they should be looking out for
  • Advise them what questions to ask

All this sort of information is what will bring them and keep them at your website.  Before they even pick up the form, fill out a form or click a buy button, they will already have a relationship with your company.

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