What is SEO copywriting?

What is SEO copywriting?

Copywriting is a highly desired skill, especially as literacy levels in the UK seem to be falling every year. A copywriter who can craft engaging, concise and grammatically correct articles is hard to find, but online they need to have an extra skill as well… SEO.

Writing engaging content online isn’t enough, because with SEO knowledge the content that has been written may never be found, and therefore never read. SEO copywriting merges the talents of the copywriter with the knowledge and experience of the SEO to create web copy that not only reads well and engages the reader – but it also is written with SEO in mind so that it ranks for relevant searches.

Don’t be confused by the term SEO (search engine optimisation). It doesn’t simply mean using keywords in articles, and writing articles with keywords liberally sprinkled throughout.

No, that isn’t SEO. At least, that isn’t successful SEO. SEO copywriting is about writing web copy that flows, uses keywords, uses related words (think semantics) and also engages the reader so that they not only want to read more, they want to share the content with others. A large part of SEO copywriting is about crafting articles that will generate links, as link building is a major factor of a successful SEO campaign.

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