What is SEO – and what role does copywriting play in it?

What is SEO – and what role does copywriting play in it?

Search Engine Optimisation is the meaning of the commonly used acronym SEO and is a vital for improving your web business traffic. Simply put, it’s the chance your website has of being picked up in a customer search on common search engines like Google or Bing. Of course, no business wants to leave anything to chance, so the best approach is to make sure that yours gets picked. Do this by ensuring that the keywords or phrases that a customer will use to find your products and services will link to your site.

It sounds easy but a recent (July 2010) Thomson Local study of 1,000 small UK businesses found that seven out of ten did not have any SEO configuration in place. It also highlighted that almost three-quarters of businesses did not use any of the freely available web analytics software to track visits to their sites. What business does not want to monitor its marketing and evaluate customer behaviour to gain more information about demand for its products?

Improving your SEO does not have to be expensive, you do not need to buy any of the keyword packages on offer. The best way a business can ensure that Google or Bing searches will pick up its site is to make sure that its content is relevant and of high quality. Professional content writers found through reputable article submission agencies are easy to find and by using an agency, you can be assured of regular content that fits in with your SEO plans. Blogs and content should always be original and fresh and make sure that the web codes of each of your pages include your title, description and keywords. Your web designer should be able to do this quite easily.

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