What is Google’s new Search Console Insights?

What is Google’s new Search Console Insights?

Search giant Google has released a new tool for those with websites that combines both its Search Console and Analytics.

Called Search Console Insights, the release comes almost a year after the search engine launched an invite-only beta testing of the tool. It is set to help website owners develop a better understanding of their audiences and the performance of their content. By combining data from both Analytics and Search Console, users will have all the information they need within a single platform.

Using the tool, people will be able to discover which pieces of content are top performers, which are currently trending, how people discover their site on the internet, what people are searching for that leads them to their content and site, and much more.

Google has released an image of what the tool will look like in app form:

The tool can be accessed via a new ‘Search Console Insights’ button at the top of the ‘Overview’ page on Search Console. It can also be accessed by performing a site owner performing a search that their website ranks for – by doing so, they’ll have the option to click through to Search Console Insights via the ‘Search performance for this query’ box that appears at the top of search results.

Users will soon be able to access the tool from the Google app for iOS devices, with Android app availability currently in the works.

To be rolled out over the next few days, Search Console Insights is currently only compatible with Google Analytics UA, but the search engine is developing compatibility for Google Analytics 4.

Tools like Search Console Insights can be extremely helpful in determining what content works for your website and what your customers are searching for. If you’d like to have a chat about producing quality, engaging content that will drive visitors to your website, reach out to us here at Engage Web.

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