What happens if you ignore SEO?

What happens if you ignore SEO?

It can be awkward and time-consuming for content writers trying to shape articles to meet the requirements for SEO. Those keywords might be necessary, but they can appear clunky when included in the text, and the order of a piece may have to be arranged one way when the natural flow of words is attempting to head in another direction. It can be tempting to give up on the idea of SEO altogether, with the thought that it may not make that much difference. If the writing is interesting surely that will be enough to attract visitors? That may be true, but visitors have to find your website first.

Without any modifications for SEO, people may still find your website, but a lot of the traffic might ‘bounce’, or, in other words, leave straight away. Those visits are wasted ones, as people are highly unlikely to return, and this could become an even greater problem if there are advertisers paying for space on your site, as they might take their business elsewhere.

Keywords help search engines to find what is relevant, and this is beneficial for readers, as they are then directly guided to the content they seek. While the extreme of clumsily cramming in keywords is obviously not useful for readers or search engines, relying on accidentally being found is not a sensible strategy for attracting the traffic needed for a business to thrive. There could be negative effects if SEO is abandoned completely, effects which could be avoided easily by using professional SEO copywriters to create content.

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