What Google’s author tag means for you

What Google’s author tag means for you

Reputation building is a lot easier if you can link quality content to your own or your business name. For site owners struggling to push their business forward, there’s good news. Google has recently introduced an ‘author’ tag, allowing content producers to highlight their authorship of content around the net.

The author tag, announced at the start of June this year, is still new and to some extent untested. The full implications of the tag have yet to become clear. What is clear is Google’s interest in connecting author names with quality content.

Linking your name with your content may not seem like a big deal, but what the tag achieves is a stronger link between your name, good content and your site’s address. This is essentially something that SEO companies from Merseyside to Manchester have been attempting to do with more complicated techniques. Now, with a simple rel=’author’ tag, the author’s home site is highlighted for Google.

Will this make a big difference to your search engine optimisation plan? It seems not hugely for now. Referencing and linking back to your home site is one of the basic SEO jobs for off-site content. If you’ve been following the advice of your SEO advisors, you’ll have set up profiles, inserted links or at the very least ensured that you get a byline for all content published off your site.

What this means is that you have one more tool to use for both reputation building and link building. It will be interesting to see how use of the tag affects SEO outcomes.

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