What do updates to Bing Ads mean for the platform?

    Posted on July 9, 2015


    With Microsoft having sold its ‘Bing Ads’ to AOL and AppNexus, expecting updates to the service would be jumping the gun a little.

    As of July 1, Microsoft had officially sold its Bing Ads services to two new organisations. Earlier in the month, we saw the unveiling of the overhauled Home Page dashboard on the account tier, which provides a complete performance overview. As of July 13, there will be more features available.

    Customised Modules: pre-set modules featured on the home page will be customisable using filters. Saving a filter in the Campaigns tab – this in itself is a new feature – results in the filter being displayed as an optional module on the home page.

    Time-frame Comparisons: Bing Ads’ period-over-period comparison tool will be accessible directly on the home page. This move makes it easier to review trends in performance, with comparisons appearing in the KPI summary.

    Further to this, in its more recent updates, Bing Ads introduced a data visualisation designed for marketers and advertisers alike who are looking for demographic and reach data. The stats for reach produced by this new data visualisation actually include a unique audience not reached by Google.

    This is a big step forward from Bing in terms of the internet marketing tools it provides. It still has a long way to go however, to be in with the remotest chance of rivalling the tools and services offered by Google. Having lost an estimated USD$5.5 billion on Bing search alone since 2009, it wouldn’t be naïve to say that trying to improve services this late in the game is just too little too late for Microsoft in this area of the business.

    Even with these updates, the question still remains of whether or not having acquired Bing Ads from Microsoft; will AOL and AppNexus be able to make anything of the platform?

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