What could be stopping your search engine rankings?

What could be stopping your search engine rankings?

Having been in the Internet marketing industry for the last decade we have seen a great many websites. Some of these websites are well designed; some are not so well designed. Design aside though, one of the most common things we have seen is websites that are not performing well in search engines.

Now, there are many things that prevent websites from ranking well within search engines, but some problems rear their ugly heads more often than most. Indeed, one particular problem seems to be almost contagious.

It’s the problem of a distinct lack of content. Some web designers (usually those who come from a print design background) believe that less is more with text on the page, and that their design is sacred.

However, if less is more… more must be even more again.

Think of it this way. Google is giant index. It crawls the Internet looking for text to index so that when people search for things, it know what websites to offer up in answer to those searches. If your website has little or no text, what is Google going to index?

It can’t view your pictures, it can’t look at your nice photographs and your Flash is still largely a mystery. Google is a database, a vast database of information. To ensure you have your part in that database, you need data.

SEO is very simple when you break it down.

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