What can businesses learn from Twitter’s holiday trends report?

What can businesses learn from Twitter’s holiday trends report?

Twitter has released a report on the trends it’s found related to holiday shopping ahead of the festive season.

The social media site joined forces with AdAge Studio 30 to produce the infographic GIF-filled report, and below are all the key takeaways for businesses:

1. People are in the mood for Christmas shopping

Twitter has revealed that, according to a survey it conducted, 37% of respondents said that they plan on starting their Christmas shopping earlier this year, and tweets on the platform back up this finding, with a 46% increase in tweets on the topic compared to 2020. This means that if you’re not already executing your Christmas marketing strategy, you should get to it fast.

2. People are spending more this Christmas

As well as starting early, people on Twitter are planning on spending more on presents this year, with nearly 1.4 times as many Twitter users saying they expect to spend more compared to 2020 than non-Twitter users. This means that businesses should make sure they promote their products on Twitter to capitalise on this, ensuring they don’t neglect the promotion of their higher-value items.

What’s more, many trending shopping categories have seen a significant increase in mentions on the platform compared to 2020, with pets up by 29%, beauty up by 35%, athletic apparel up by 51%, appliances up by 64% and designer fashion up by a whopping 119%.

3. Brands are the talk of the town

When it comes to tweets about the holiday season, Twitter has revealed that mentions of brands grew by 27% from 2019 to 2020. The social media giant has recommended that businesses find “creative ways” to join in on conversations in order to boost their brand name mentions this year.

4. Digital Creators on the rise

As well as brand talk, the popularity of Digital Creators within tweets related to the festive season has risen by 26%. Twitter has recommended teaming up with these individuals to promote brand messages, highlighting the merits of teamwork.

The findings from the report show that Twitter is certainly not an area to neglect when it comes to online marketing this Christmas. If you need help establishing an online presence for your business, or you need help formulating an effective social media marketing strategy, speak to us at Engage Web today.

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