What camping can tell us about SEO

What camping can tell us about SEO

With the camping season in full swing, much can be learned about people and their preferences while spending time on a British campsite. Perhaps the most famous mass camping event of the year, Glastonbury, tends to attract those who like to feel part of something and yet express some individuality, which is revealed by the fact that many revellers have similar camper vans and ‘festival tents’ yet these all come in different colours and are variably customised, some in a more extreme manner than others.

Family campers favour safety and keeping the clan together, usually under one large roof. Family tents tend towards the enormous and fashions in equipment use are straying dangerously towards bringing the kitchen sink along. Even carpets are seen as essential these days, it seems.

Serious backpackers, carrying their shelters in their rucksacks, prefer a Spartan experience and are inclined to favour tiny tents that are not only lightweight but require contortionist abilities to enter. For this group the emphasis is not so much on comfort but extreme organisational skills, with every ounce shaved off the weight of the pack being considered a peculiar achievement.

The range of tents and camping styles is bewildering, but shows that different groups have very different needs. As no one style of content will be responded to by all, so a professional content writer needs to tailor words to suit a website’s audience in order to bring in traffic. Content writers who consider their readers will bring positive results in terms of SEO.

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