What are your favourite type of web tools?

What are your favourite type of web tools?

I was thinking of designing a tool for a client yesterday.  Whilst I was doing this, I asked myself the question – What are my favourite web tools that I have come across whilst browsing?

Some came to mind:

  • eBay
  • web colour picker
  • Google keyword tool
  • salary checker tool

I was then trying to piece together what made them ‘good’ for me.  eBay is a huge tool of course, but the others are simple in essence, although there is plenty of data behind the Google keyword tool.

The one thing that sticks them together is the usefulness of them.  What I mean is that, i log on, I use them, I get off.

I forget about the tools until the next time I need them.  They are so easy to use that I keep coming back time and time again.

I think that I need to make a calculation for the perfect web tool.  Hmmm, Ill come back with one soon.

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