What are LinkedIn’s two newest features?

What are LinkedIn’s two newest features?

Business networking tool LinkedIn has released two new features in relation to posting content on the site.

The first new feature is that users can now publish articles on their company pages. Articles on LinkedIn are, effectively, the networking site’s equivalent to blog posts – you can add an image, title, hyperlinks, embed videos and more. As an example, here’s one our Technical Director Darren wrote last week about Bargain Hunt.

Previously, though, users could only post articles via their personal profiles. Now, when they go to write an article – using the desktop version of the site – they’ll receive two options: publish as themselves, or publish as their company page, like below:

By posting articles on your company page, you can help build up the name of your company on LinkedIn and help grow its reach and exposure, as opposed to only your personal page. This feature is currently being rolled out, so if you can’t see it yet, don’t panic – it’ll be on its way to you soon.

In addition, the character counts for LinkedIn posts have also increased from 1,300 to a whopping 3,000. This expanded limit will allow for more detailed, in-depth posts. However, with a greater volume of text, it becomes more important than ever to ensure your post has an attention-grabbing opening line and, if applicable, an eye-catching image, to ensure people are drawn to reading your post and aren’t put off by the masses of text they need to trundle through.

LinkedIn is a great tool for expanding the reach of your company, making contacts and generating leads. If you’d like to have a chat about establishing a presence for your business on the web – whether that’s through a website or social media channels like LinkedIn – send us a message at Engage Web today and we’ll be happy to help.

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Emily is no stranger to the world of online content. By the age of just 14, a novel she wrote on the story-writing website Wattpad had amassed more than a million views!

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