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    The main question businesses are asked today is ‘Got a website?’ Usually, it’s to express interest in finding them again. It’s really the wrong question. When customers ask whether a business has a website, they’re really asking if they have an Internet presence.

    Websites don’t equal presence on the net. In fact, just focussing on a website can get a business into trouble. In order to really attract customer attention, businesses need to appear in the search engines, and they need to come out on top.

    This is even more important for businesses in West Yorkshire. Although West Yorkshire businesses have the sprawling city of Leeds to rely on for their customer markets, not to mention neighbouring Bradford and Huddersfield, they often need to take marketing a step further. To reach out across the nation, West Yorkshire businesses must use SEO.

    SEO helps customers find businesses

    It happens every day. A customer remembers seeing a business somewhere that interested them, and they decide to look for it. The customer doesn’t look up the business name in a directory, or dig out the business card the salesman handed them. Instead, they click on their browser or tap on their smartphone screen and head to a search engine.

    From there, the story’s got a predictable end. If the business has been search engine-savvy, the customer sees them at the top of the list. They go to the site and make contact or, hopefully, a purchase. If the business has ignored the search engines, though, the ending is a much unhappier one.

    Search engine optimisation is the difference between being seen and not being seen. By implementing search engine optimisation techniques, business owners can attract the search engines to their website, ensuring that they’re properly indexed and that their pages match the most popular search queries.

    Going beyond the website

    It’s important to recognise that more than websites matter on the net. Social media is playing an increasingly important role on the Internet, and things like blogs, forums and industry publications also have their part to play. Smart site owners make use of all of these elements to market their business, and these tactics can all be funnelled through a search engine optimisation plan. An SEO company can help design strategies that incorporate more than simple optimisation.

    Local SEO services put the best foot forward

    Many site owners are aware that a successful SEO plan requires professional advice. For West Yorkshire businesses, though, there’s another consideration – locality. Local SEO companies can give West Yorkshire businesses an even bigger advantage on the net.

    The main reason to choose a local company is for their expert local knowledge. Many SEO companies operate solely on the net. This means that their expertise is based purely on technique. The trouble is, search engines periodically change their tactics, meaning that technique alone is not enough to create a successful SEO campaign. Local SEO companies give businesses an advantage by helping to craft great local content and take advantage of their local position.

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