Website statistics: What customers don’t do can tell you what they do do

Posted on March 18, 2011


Some of the data from your site will tell you what your customers do. When you look even closer however, it will tell you what they don’t do as well. Both are important when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Spotting what your customers do do is a simple matter of looking at your site statistics, something that you should do frequently during SEO. Your statistics will tell you where customers go, how they get there and how long they stay there. Spotting what your customers don’t do takes a little voodoo. Or at least a little intuition, smart thinking and psychology.

How to see the gaps in your site statistics

The gaps in your statistics just take a little clever thinking to spot. It’s all about seeing what your customers don’t do. For example, if you’re appearing in the top ten for a particular keyword but are getting little traffic from that position than for other similar keywords, then this could be a silent signal that your listing for that keyword isn’t working. If you’re having trouble with a geographical keyword such as a Cheshire based one or a broad generic one, then you might want to think about refining it to a more specific location or keyword combination.

What to do with the information

Once you know what your customers aren’t doing, you can start to work towards getting them to do instead. The silent signals you receive will come with attached clues, usually in the form of successful competitors. Take these clues and work them into your SEO jobs.

Listen to what your customers aren’t telling you. It will help you to do that voodoo that you do so well.

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