Website sparring with content

Website sparring with content

One of the best ways to maximise your content is to create a friendly rivalry with a competitor, rival (or even another website that you own!). You can do this easily by posting about the website, maybe mentioning something critical, contentious or even downright inflammatory. This will prompt a response, which will create buzz for both of you.

Obviously you need to be very careful with this policy as you can go wrong with it. You need to be certain that your rival website is OK with the idea and that they’re on board before you begin, otherwise you’ll jeopardise your position and risk possible legal action. If you are both on board with the idea though, you can create a real buzz between you as your website spar with each other, which will attract readers and comments from other websites again.

It can’t be stressed enough that you have to be careful with this strategy, and you shouldn’t just pick a site out of the blue and attack it.

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