Web strategy means getting the right people for the job

Web strategy means getting the right people for the job

Before you start thinking about how to take on your industry online, you should really get the right people in for the job.

When dealing with a current client, it was apparent that the people looking after their site from a build perspective werent the right choice.  The insistence of purchase orders and delayed response times are simply not good enough in today’s web climate.

To get yourself the platform that will ready you for a successful campaign in the industry, the following should be done:

  • Selection of a build team that can build/update/delete within the hour, if not instantly.
  • Head of SEO that is mallable to change.  Too many SEO’s live on past glories.  Things change – get over it.
  • Work with a content company such as Stuck On that can strategically place your company in a position of control in the industry.  Content IS control.

Getting those things sorted before anything else is an absolute advantage over competition in the industry and everything done from here will be tinged with success due to this excellent preparation.

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