Web Tools: does your site have the tools for the job?

How valuable would a web tool be to your website, do you think? It’s not something that you might have thought of before, but without knowing it, most of your favourite sites contain some form of web tool. Whether you’re talking about Google, eBay, Amazon or even Wikipedia, the most popular sites in the world are packed full of the best web tools – or even one large web tool. Within your industry online, you can be sure that the top sites will have a combination of great content and simple, effective web tools.

Some examples of tools we have developed:

Dynauthor WordPress Plugin

Notiflyer WordPress Plugin

Domain Age Checker

Google SERP Snippet Tester

Website Hosting Location Checker

Web tools are an interesting addition to any website’s marketing and SEO plan, but few site owners think of adding one. With a web tool, you can transform your site from an interesting place to visit into an essential resource, giving you a considerable amount of power within your industry, and potential for traffic loyalty.

Aren’t all the best web tools covered already?

They say there’s nothing new between heaven and earth, and it’s true that a lot of innovative ideas are already out there on the net. Twitter, which is really just a status update tool, had obvious influences from Facebook, and Facebook itself had MySpace to thank for many of its own tools. The important thing is not so much to be unique, as to be accessible, useful or interactive.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to come up with an utterly unique tool, although our team at Engage Web is always ready for a challenge. However your experience in your industry may give you a few ideas. You can talk to our team about both custom designs and the addition of basic tools for your site. The great thing about web tools is that Internet users appreciate having multiple offers, because it makes them easy to access.

Adding a simple tool to your site, such as a random password generator or rates calculator, is a simple way to help your site users and save them time. There is also an obvious argument for covering the tools your competitors already feature on their websites, so as not to be left behind. As long as your tool meets a need, you really can’t go wrong.

Web tools: simple or complex?

At Engage Web, we love to create simple web tools. We can create large, complicated web tools as well but, in most cases, we find it’s best to start off with a couple of smaller, simple and easy to use tools that will start helping you to give your visitors extra reasons to stay on your site – and return.

Having several simple, effective tools is often much better than creating a large tool out there all on its own. We can build the ‘killer app’ on top of a solid base of effective tools. Having a group of web tools, with simple inputs but detailed output, will help your site to become more popular than ‘flat’ sites, like the majority of the sites in within many industries.

You may find that a tiny, simple tool will make all the difference. In our experience, sites that feature a number of small and simple tools tend to get a lot more attention than those featuring one big, complicated tool, but this will depend on what else is going on in your industry.

Web tools: Getting started

Our team has extensive experience in designing web tools for all kinds of companies and industries. From the initial brainstorm and consultation through to the design, implementation and promotion, you can rest assured you’re in good hands

Do you have the right web tools in your website kit?

Speak to our web tool mechanics at Engage Web and enthral your visitors.