As a company that provides bespoke training to a diverse range of businesses and individuals, Empeiria Training was keen to avoid a corporate look and instead wanted to exude an approachable yet professional aura.

In discussions with our design and content teams, we identified the visions and current obstacles the company faces and how we could get the website to appeal to the target audiences of people with adult learning disabilities, and businesses looking to train them.

Our content team had to be aware of the right kind of language to use in the industry, and get across the message of flexible and tailored programmes while remaining specific about what clients could expect. We set out Empeiria’s unique selling points on the home page, explaining the ethos behind the name (Greek for “learning from experience”) while highlighting diversity and inclusivity.

The design was a combination of the company branding while keeping a visual link with Timian, with whom Empeiria has a partnership. Their mission statement and values were particularly important to emphasise due to the business having a strong element of communication and human interaction, while the rotating icons and buttons bring an interactive touch well suited to this hands-on organisation.

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